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14 April 2024

where is my wagon

“Home Depot didn’t advertise Gorilla Cart as Rolling Catchall for everybody’s sh*t”

Man battling Instinct to ask wife about the 100 Fast Food bags In his Awesome Wagon

However slight, one benefit of ALS, according to Treg Charlton, is that unemployment affords him ample time to carefully weigh the risks associated with offering unsolicited advice around the house. “Half of me thinks it would be a good idea to keep my mouth shut,” Charlton stated. “On the other hand, I’m a man.”

“Anytime anyone wants to use my awesome garden wagon as an actual wagon, they have to clear a path through razor scooters, the mower and 5 broken lawn chairs. Once free of the logjam, the tires are flat from being piled high with garbage, tools and yard-waste from 2014. Then, no one can locate the air compressor. I’m not talking about a lost contact lens. It’s a full size air compressor.”

reward for wagon
Can you spot the wagon? Neither can Treg Charlton, who likens his garage to “a failed flea market where no one ever shops and the merchandise remains the same 365 days a year.”

Charlton continued, “I know my wife already has way too much on her plate. I have ALS. I don’t do anything except sit around and offer up valuable pointers. She’s the cook, caregiver, custodian and landscaping company – all rolled into one. Hers is a tough row to hoe. I totally get that. I just think that, as a family, we could make keeping my wagon free of debris a little bigger priority around here. Obviously, I would never say any of this to her face. I have a website for airing my passive-aggressive laundry.”

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Disclaimer: Our garage is actually incredibly clean, thanks to the tremendous efforts of my awesome wife, Dianne Charlton. The attached photographs were altered for dramatic effect.

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