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14 April 2024

Disabled Man To Wife: Don’t let role as 24×7 caregiver get in way of ‘Living Your Best Life’

Husband Nourishes Wife’s Soul by saying things Joel Osteen Might say if he had ALS

Best Life - Selfless ALS patient
“Go out with your friends? Yeah, of course. Go live your best life. I will just lay here until you get back… Because I’m totally paralyzed.”

Although Dianne Charlton has transferred her 200-lb husband into and out of bed over 700 times in a row during the Covid pandemic, Treg Charlton doesn’t want his wife to feel like she isn’t free to live her own, best life.

“Mr. Osteen and I are totally in favor of Dianne going where she pleases, when she pleases, you know? Preferably on days I won’t need to eat, use the bathroom or consume liquids – but as Joel might say, I can’t make my horrifying predicament all about me.”

-Treg Charlton, Selfless ALS patient

It’s important to Joel and I that Dianne feel empowered – and never take her own needs for granted… That’s what we mean by living your best life. To the extent I don’t choke on anything while she’s out doing her thang. Whatever that entails.”

Always sensitive to the plight of others, Mr. Charlton acknowledges that it’s probably exhausting being jarred awake five times per night to turn him. “She seems to lack energy during the day and has trouble focusing on the task at hand. Does that make her a bad person? I don’t think so. That’s why I’m so adamant that she set aside some Dianne-time regularly. Maybe check-in with me a few times an hour, you know? No biggie either way. Go have a terrific time at Burntwood Tavern without me. Joel and I are on your side.”

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