"He who has a why to live for - can bear almost any how."
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Friedrich Nietzsche
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
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"One way. Or another..."
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Deborah Harry

"ALS wins by wearing you out. It's relentless. Like a lonely cricket behind your dresser on a peaceful summer night... Sometimes, I win though." #Positivity

10 Reasons I'm Smiling...

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No one wastes time filling you up with false hope. When you get cancer, everyone’s like, “Dude, you can totally beat this! ” My doctor looked me straight in the eye and said, “Well, sh*t. It’s ALS.”


“Society expects nothing of you, except bitterness. I was once acknowledged for demonstrating ‘tremendous courage’ for simply existing. That’s pretty cool. Later, you realize they’re honoring you for the sh*t tsunami that comes next.”

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ALS conveniently disguises your genetic predisposition towards slothfulness. I haven’t bathed myself in over 7 years. Plus, I’m usually busy looking up chainsaw mishaps and fruit tree-grafting techniques on YouTube. #alsbros.com


My in-laws are very competitive. In a good-natured sort of way. For awhile, even suffering was a form of competition. At this point they can manufacture whatever ailments they like. They know I’m totally #Winning. And I know that they know I know.

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“Even pre-Covid, people softened their take on my anti-social tendencies. Remarkably, my prolonged silences perpetuate the idea I’m thoughtful, as opposed to genuinely disinterested.”


I usually get a good parking spot. Not so much at Wal-Mart, church and Red Lobster. Every single miserable sonofab*tch at Wal-Mart has some bogus affliction that only presents in parking lots.

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ALS Bros | Bryce Ireland with Treg Charlton


In-laws are reluctant to leave me alone with my nephews. I don’t know what that’s all about. ‘Keep away from Drunkle McGreasy,’ they loudly whisper. As if I’m also deaf and Teflon-coated.


Southwest Airlines has a secret designation called LD* (Legit Disability), which affords me the opportunity to board before the degenerate WalMart-fakers. #LUVSWA… And their Positivity! *(Fact Check: False)

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I Positively Can't Understand You


Ironically, people with ALS can immediately detect when you’re only pretending to understand them. I’m not judging. I did this all the time with Barry.  Nodding (in fake agreement) doesn’t work, so try a well-timed “I see…” or “That’s fantastic!


Unlike alcoholics, people don’t really hassle you about your disease. My wife never says, “Where have you been all night? Drinking with your ALS-buddies, you paralyzed sonofab*tch?” RIP, Mitch

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