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23 July 2024

Mom’s irrational fear: Son with ALS will go swimming in quarry, locate sunken fridge, get inside, drown

Son: “What Quarry? You Sound Insane!”

Sue Charlton of Columbus, Indiana, can’t shake the thought her youngest son is doomed to die in an underwater grave. Treg Charlton, a paralyzed 54 year-old ALS patient, can’t understand her fear. “I can’t drive. I can’t swim. I haven’t been to a quarry in over 35 years. I can’t even imagine the logistics involved with getting an unwilling 200-lb man into a sunken fridge at the bottom of a quarry.”

Treg Charlton 54 year-old with ALS, Swimming in Quarry
Treg Charlton of Chagrin Falls practices floating in quarry with friends shortly before press time.

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