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14 April 2024


Paralyzed Man’s Bluff: “I don’t have to sit here and take crap from you!”

Fact Check quickly Reveals cold, Dark truth About ALS

Fact check
According to an independent fact check organization, Treg Charlton does have to ‘sit there and take crap’ from able-bodied antagonists. “The best he can do is to turn his head to one side. Or reorient his wheelchair. Either way, it’s unrealistic to believe he can’t still hear what’s being said.”

Treg Charlton, 54, is aware he can no longer prevail in debates, disagreements or arguments – mostly because ALS has neutralized his once-reliable defense mechanisms – the ability to speak and/or flee.

Recently, Charlton contemplated a promising, new strategy that would surely level the playing field. He would make an assertion so bold, that his antagonist would have no choice but to immediately concede. He imagined how his wife or children might begin an argument…

Wife or Child: “You’re lazy! You just sit around all day playing on the computer!”

Paralyzed Guy: “I don’t have to sit here and take crap from you!”

While the trial achieved the secondary endpoint of bringing the bickering to a quick halt, the primary objective failed to demonstrate efficacy. Indeed, Charlton’s antagonist walked away unscathed and apparently in a much better mood. Charlton was left seething, in quiet contemplation of how his masterful plan went awry.

Still, Charlton isn’t about to abandon the concept entirely. He dreams of the next encounter turning out more favorably…

Wife: “You need to show a little more appreciation!”

Paralyzed Guy: “I don’t need you! I don’t need aaaaanybody!”

Wish me luck.

ALS Bros | IMG 2596
Paralyzed Man: “I don’t need you! I don’t need aaaaanybody!”

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