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Editorial Board

Meet the Editors Team Hombres Associates

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Steve Laird

Florida office mgr

Laird, appearing malnourished and desperate for protection on the playground, befriended Treg in the 2nd grade, qualifying him as Treg’s oldest friend.

Things that make you go, Hmm…”  Laird, a 25-yr veteran of the railroad industry, has never actually driven any type of train. Remarkable.  

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Brian Hopcraft

St. Louis Office Mgr

Regarded by the Spanish as “The Father of the Modern Crab Trap,” or simply ‘El Padre,’ Brian teamed with Treg to quasi-legally harvest nearly two dozen blue crab from the Calibogue Sound between 1996 and 2016. Hopcraft and his brother-in-law, Steve Kennett, have run a Low Country vacation nonprofit for at-risk friends for over 25 years.

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Sean Walsh

Chicago office mgr

This retired Budweiser spokesman is supposedly raising two children with his wife in a suburb of Chicago. No one has actually seen Sean in two years, leading some to suspect his wife has permanently wrested control of his phone and social media accounts.

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Tim Porter

Atlanta office mgr

A natural athlete, Porter almost made the Ohio State baseball team.  Over the past 30 years, Porter’s razor wit and sharp tongue have been dulled, thanks to a vivacious wife, four darling daughters and Miller Lite. Even close friends don’t really know where Porter goes everyday – or what he does for a living.


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Eric Gebler

Akron Office mgr

Having crisscrossed America together in a variety of crappy automobiles, Eric knows Treg better than anyone. Treg has only been in three fistfights in his life, including two losses to Eric by TKO. On long adventures, Treg would frequently feign driver’s fatigue, which only served to ignite Gebler’s famously short fuse. Eric would literally give Treg the shirt off his back – and later, use it to choke him out.

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Dave Pearce

Carolina office mgr

A multi-talented renaissance man, David ‘Sweet Lou’ Pearce was voted ‘Most Likely to Try Beer First‘ by 5th-grade classmates. Today, Pearce is a husband, father and the charismatic front man for the North Carolina-based band, Sonic Tonsil. Having had 3 close friends with ALS, Pearce has played more than his share of benefit performances. He is Treg’s favorite musician.

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Tyler Zachem

Nyc office mgr

While his sense of humor is overshadowed by amazing scholastic and career achievements, Treg credits Zachem’s impromptu, middle-of-class Elvis Presley impersonations in 6th grade for giving him the courage to exploit the classroom for comedic purposes. Had Tyler focused on hijinks rather than becoming a Rhodes Schlor nominee, Treg never would have won the title as 1984 Class Clown. 

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Bruce Fagert

Island office mgr

This doppelganger of Commodore Perry is a highly-regarded seaman in his own right – in spite of a questionable decision to cross Lake Erie in gale-force winds in 1998, risking his boat, his own life and that of unpaid first mate, Treg Charlton. Fagert served as Treg’s primary running mate from ’94 through 2000 – when the marginally-successful singles simply ran out of fun things to do.

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R. Jason Price

Alabama office mgr

If you’ve ever shopped at CVS or WalMart, there’s a chance this Tennessee Volunteer built it. An extraordinary talent, Price makes a lot of his own luck by rarely sleeping.  Decent, compassionate and humble, Jason literally put Treg on his back and carried him through the last three years of his career. Price and his wife are kept busy raising 4 kids.

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Wayne Lum

KC Office mgr

An incredibly talented orator and operations director, Lum was responsible for not laughing when Treg would pitch him the next great piece of land for a new CVS. Whether in his office, up in a small airplane or on a ride along through Nebraska, Lum’s forehead would immediately begin to bead up with sweat whenever Treg started talking.

Editors serve at the pleasure of Publisher and may be promoted, reassigned or terminated without notice


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Sue Charlton

Indiana office mgr

I don’t know which is more difficult: Finding a gift for her or finding the words to make her understand how much she means to me. Nothing I could ever buy or say will measure up to how I feel… Which is especially handy, now that I’m penniless and can’t speak. She’s had my back every step of the way. Thank you for everything, Mom. Love, Me… PS – Sorry for the curse words that appear on the website. Steve Laird told me all of the hip kids are swearing nowadays.

Steven L. Charlton

Steve Charlton

Indiana office Intern

Small town boy made good: Married to his grade-school sweetheart, Runaround Sue, for over 60 years. Maybe the most well-rounded individual ever, Dad is equally at ease piecing together land deals, bouncing a grand kid on his knee or changing out the tie rods on a ’72 Buick. The best part is the grace he exhibits, no matter the role. An incredible son, brother, husband, father and Papaw. As I write this, he is texting pics from his Harley trip through the Ozarks. That’s just how he rolls.


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