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16 May 2024

39 years ago: Chagrin Soph Erupts for 70 points in JV pregame warmup

Chagrin Falls Cager: “People Will Be Talking About Tonight 40 Years From Now. By People, I Mean Me”

“I just remember coming out of the locker room really juiced on Mountain Dew and watermelon-flavored Bub’s Daddy,” Treg Charlton recalls of his big night on the basketball court almost 40 years ago. “I think my teammates could sense they were witnessing something special. I know I poured in something like 20 straight (uncontested) layups. Hats off to every Tiger out there. They just kept feeding me the rock. People asked me what it was like to be ‘in the zone’ like that. I said, ‘I don’t know. Probably like Wilt Chamberlain feels playing pop-a-shot on amphetamines.'”

Chagrin Falls Cheerleaders

“That’s not okay” Cheerleaders Melissa Bollen, Amy Bartter and Jenny Conner can’t un-see Chagrin Tiger big-man Steve Laird’s vigorous attempt to corral a loose ball in 1982. Laird was questioned by authorities about his decision to play in a Speedo, but released into his parent’s custody after it was determined Laird’s shorts were team-issued.

Chagrin Falls Co-Captain, Matthew ‘Bingo’ Hanley, remembered things a little bit differently. “In the pregame shoot-around, Treg kept stealing the ball from everyone. Aggressively, at times. I don’t begrudge any man a hot hand, but he needed to chill out a little bit. Then he suddenly shouts, ‘Count it! 70!‘ Immediately after that, he showered, dressed and hitched a ride home. He was out of the gym before the actual game tipped off.”

Nonetheless, Charlton is still regaled as one of the finest and most exciting warmup players ever to don nut-hugging short-shorts for the Chagrin Tiger squads of the early-80s.

The coach of the undefeated Tiger squad, David ‘Q’ Quisenberry, did not immediately respond to’s request for comment and we didn’t leave a message or any contact information. Truthfully, I don’t think our intern even reached out. Evidently, that’s just how Internet news outlets roll…

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