Hello, I'm The Author

Welcome! My name is Treg Charlton. I am the content editor and publisher at ALSBros. If you find a misspelin, that’s on me. My name is a compromise between Troy and Greg. Like everyone named ‘Treg,’ I spent a good chunk of my life correcting pronunciations and spelling Treg for strangers on the telephone. I can no longer speak or hold a phone, so it’s less of an issue.

I was born in Indiana and raised in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. For short periods of time I also lived in Kansas City, Ft. Meyers, Breckenridge and San Diego. I always returned to Ohio, however, because I hate good weather and recreation. I’m a Pisces. I have two older brothers and a younger sister. None of them have ALS, but I’m not bitter because Mom likes me best.

Today, I have a stunning firecracker-of-a-wife, Dianne, and two wonderful, doting daughters. We have two dogs: Millie and Stella. They are both Sussex Spaniels and sometimes bite Dianne if provoked. We’re fortunate she is an RN. She can tend to me and give herself stitches.

Author About
Me in 2010 with Dianne, Audrey and Mia. I barely had ALS. The kids were tinier than I remember. We were living in Kansas City at the time - next to a 24-hour FedEx facility. I think anger and insomnia helped fuel the onset of ALS.
ALS Bros | Irony 1
Back in '86, I used to tool around in a yellow Jeep with a red sweater draped over my shoulders, taking pictures. In 2016, I went full-LeBron. Complete with a thin Pierre-moustache, a man-purse and matching headband.

Now I Sit Around.

Thanks, ALS

During Covid, I gave myself a crash course in website building. This is the result. It’s not the greatest, but I had to do it without moving my arms. Thank you, Dianne, Audrey and Mia for your devotion to keeping me fat, happy and hydrated with fountain sodas during quarantine.

ALSBros.com is a pretty good diary of the past ten or twelve years, dealing with ALS. I hope you will enjoy the News section. It’s 95% just super-important information you need to survive and thrive. Advice? Try to digest in small doses.

Anyway, enough about the author. With Barry gone and Jack still moving plastic, I guess I’m carrying the ALS Awareness torch. I always knew they would figure out a way to leave me holding the bag.

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A common trait creative writers share, I think, is a highly-advanced ability to procrastinate. The worse, the better. It only stands to reason.

That’s why my advice to kids is to “set aside writing assignments until the very last moment. Use the extra time that strategy affords to pursue more interesting things, like watching sports or creating avant-garde Tik-Toks with your less-motivated friends. Your assignments will still be there when you get around to them.”

Fiction not your thing? No sweat. Try the ALS Bros News section.